Saturday, 16 May 2015

new miniature paintings

Windwick Bay © Tracy Hall 2015
4.5" x 2" Watercolour on Arches
Two new miniatures this week - the sun setting at Windwick Bay above and a clinker built dingy tied up at Gills Bay below, which may or may not be finished yet... boats are hard! 

The Skua at Gills Bay © Tracy Hall 2015
1.75" x 2.25" watercolour on Arches

Thursday, 7 May 2015

swallow watercolour painting in miniature

Swallow Fledglings (Hirundo rustica) © Tracy Hall 2015
1.75" x 3.5" Watercolour on Arches HP
The arrival of Spring hasn't done much for the weather here in the northern isles, but it has bought the swallows back and this painting harks back to last autumn when the youngsters were honing their flying skills in the garden. I have put them in an old byre that is just along the road and is wonderfully decrepit - rather sad to see another one with a shiny new roof...admittedly good for the building but not nearly so much use to me or the birds!

The Swallows in their frame
Despite the weather it is lovely to see the flowers appearing in the garden, and I'm hoping to get some time to paint some of them this year. Also delighted to see some Wheatear's in the field over the last few days. The resident pheasants are looking very dapper, well the males anyway:

It's only a few weeks until the opening of the Hilliard Society Miniature Art Exhibition in Wells, Somerset from June 13th - 21st. I have six paintings in the show, which I'll post soon, and once again the whole exhibition will be available to view, and purchase from, online if you are unable to make it in person.

THE HILLIARD SOCIETY WEBSITE has also recently undergone a complete refurbishment to make it fully responsive, so now you can view it properly on any device. I hope you like the new look - any comments welcome!

You can find all the details on the website about the exhibition and a great opportunity this year, a MINIATURE PAINTING WORKSHOP on Sunday 14th June, at the same venue, with a superb team of tutors - booking is essential as places are limited. 

Friday, 27 March 2015

house sparrow miniature painting

House Sparrow © Tracy Hall 2015
2.75" x 1.75" Watercolour
I've never understood why house sparrows are generally regarded as rather dull birds. It seems rather unfair as they are beautifully marked and great little characters.  I really enjoy painting them and their habit of exploring every nook and cranny makes them ideal subjects if you also enjoy painting forgotten corners of old sheds. Like me. So here is my latest miniature, a sparrow investigating some old bits of harness in search of the ideal nest site.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Border Collie Mug
We have decided to try out some mugs featuring my paintings, and when they arrived were really pleased with the quality. There are only two designs at the moment, Collies and Puffins, but hopefully if the response to them is good we'll get some more done soon. They are standard 10 oz size, dishwasher and microwave safe - and you won't find them ANYWHERE else!

Puffin Mug
The image is full wrap so goes all the way around the mug

If you would like to order one, or for more info, please visit my website -
Puffin and Collie Mugs

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