Monday, 9 May 2016

Mallard Duck Miniature Painting

Mallard with ducklings © Tracy Hall 2016
2.25" x 2.5" Watercolour
The latest miniature features a mallard duck with her youngsters. As well as the Hilliard Society Exhibition this summer, I will also be taking part in the Artistic Designs Gallery Miniature show in Indiana, USA, and so packed up and shipped a box of work for them this week. Now I'm going back to the big easel where the next painting for a jigsaw is underway but will hopefully get another miniature started in the next few days as well.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Rabbit miniature painting

Rabbit © Tracy Hall 2016
2.25" x 1.75" Watercolour
Since the sad demise of one of our cats and one of our dogs in the last couple of years, both seasoned hunters, the wildlife around our patch of island has increased dramatically. The remaining cat and dog are now rather old themselves - mind you, neither were all that much bothered with hunting even in the prime of youth! So we have lots of rabbits and pheasants in evidence these days, many of whom we get to recognise personally and watch as they grow up. We also have a much reduced veggie patch since they make such rotten gardeners and we don't have the kind of fencing that keeps them out.

That said, they are fun to watch. This young rabbit found himself face to face with me through the workroom window one damp morning and turned into a miniature painting. It looks a bit dark in this pic, so I will try again later.

If you are interested in a miniature painting workshop (and you know you are!) there are still a few places available in a very unique event in Wells this June during the Hilliard Society Annual Exhibition. There are very few opportunities to learn about miniature art and this is one of them, with a rare collection of four award winning tutors, including landscape artist (and president of the Royal Miniature Society) Roz Pierson, portrait artist Jenny Brooks, marine artist Iain Trail-Stevenson (there is always a down side!). Why not join us for a fabulous day full of miniature art? The price is £30 for the day. Places are limited so do get in touch soon. More details here -