Tuesday, 25 February 2014

mountain hares miniature painting

Mountain Hares on Hoy © Tracy Hall 2014
3" x 4" watercolour on Arches HP paper
My latest miniature painting is of two mountain hares on the island of Hoy in Orkney. One is in it's winter white coat and the other is shown just starting to change from brown. It was a bit of a challenge because of the receding stones...millions of them!

Although native to the highlands, apparently the scottish mountain hare was only introduced to Orkney in the early/mid twentieth century, which I didn't realise.


Maywyn Studio said...

Beautiful artwork

I like the way you capture the serenity and charm of the location. Looking at the nesting hare,I want her to have more cover. Then I look around to realize she has what cover is available. I wish they'd found a way to stack stones.

KimR said...

I saw the painting, said WoW! then read your blurb and was very happy there was only 2 rabbits and I wouldn't have to search for others! LOL!
Amazing piece...yet again!

Tracy Hall said...

Thanks Maywyn and Kim, I'm pleased you like it! I still have to go back in to finish off the stones, but needed a break from them for now :)

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

that is wonderful!

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