Thursday, 20 September 2007

Watercolor Flower Artist's Bible

Watercolor Flower Artist's BibleI was asked earlier this year to contribute to this new book edited by Claire Waite Brown. It defies it small size by covering a wealth of topics from the basics (including materials and techniques) through to analyzing structure and composition. Includes examples from eighteen artists, working in widely ranging styles, step by step demonstrations, tips and tricks and also has a practical sprial bound format. I'm not very well versed on this type of book, but I think someone learning about watercolour would find it very helpful and informative - it certainly seems to cover alot of common questions!

Watercolor Flower Artists Bible (US)

The Watercolour Flower Artist's Bible (uk)

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Terry Krysak said...

I love your watercolors, very inspiring to be sure. I just bought this book a few months ago, and I find it to be a valuable resource. I love your Iris painting in the book.
Terry Krysak